Welcome to the
Institute of Mathematics
- Intranet -

Computer accounts at our Institute and at the university

Basically, you have 2 different computer accounts for 2 different IT structures:

  • one from the central IT department (URZ) for all university services
  • one for the local services of our institute and faculty

University account

  • Your university account is of the form xy12abcde@uni-leipzig.de.
  • Use it for all central services of the university including:
  • This account includes a mail address of the form:
    The alternative form
    can also be used. You can access this mail account e.g. by the central web mailer mail.uni-leipzig.de.
  • Some of those services (EduRoam, Moodle, media computer) expect the long form of the user name with the @uni-leipzig.de part, but some (AlmaWeb, web mail) need the short form without this part.
  • Any questions about the university account should be directed to the URZ Servicedesk

Institute account

  • Your account at the institute of mathematics looks like an lowercase ASCII version of your last name.
  • It is used for services inside the institute or faculty, e.g.,
    • Login to the Linux MiniPCs in the offices,
    • Login to protected webpages of the institute and faculty,
    • Login to some of our Webservices like BigBlueButton,
    • Adding events to our Web calendar, etc...
  • The only way to successfully change your password for this account is through this web page.