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Doctoral studies in the Mathematics Institute

Why Mathematics PhD at Leipzig University?

As a PhD student at Leipzig University you will be a member of Leipzig's thriving mathematical community hosted by two renowned institutions: Leipzig University's Mathematics Institute and the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences (MPI-MIS).

Mathematics Institute is a part of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, a research-focused department offering both undergraduate and graduate degrees, whereas MPI-MIS provides unique opportunities for interdisciplinary research collaborations involving mathematics. Both institutions are within a walking distance from each other, and they create a dynamic and vibrant mathematical environment with a plethora of research seminars, workshops and conferences, many of which are jointly organised.

Mathematics Institute hosts several research groups in algebra, analysis, combinatorics, geometry and probability. PhD students work closely with faculty members on cutting-edge research projects and benefit from attending events both in Mathematics Institute and MPI-MIS. Our graduates pursue career paths both in academia and in industry, and we strive to offer our students the best possible environment to pursue their mathematical aspirations and achieve their academic and professional goals.

The city of Leipzig is one of the most dynamic cities in Central Europe with a very rich artistic and cultural live, flourishing start-up scence, and numerous networking opportunities. Mathematics Institute is situated in Neues Augusteum, one of the most recognisable centrally located landmarks of Leipzig. Last but not least, Leipzig remains a city with a relatively affordable cost of living.


The applications for the starting date of 1. October 2023 are no longer accepted. The application process for the starting date of 1. October 2024 will open in early 2024.

In the mean time, this page lists out-of-cycle opportunities to start doctoral studies in our institute. For more information please visit the links below. jects and sources of funding.

  • We encourage all applicants to explore the opportunities to obtain funding through DAAD. Please note that DAAD's deadlines are typically quite early - in order to start the studies in the October of a given year, typically the deadline for applications is in the October of the previous year.
  • Some departmental members are also available to supervise doctoral students in the IMPRS graduate school.

If your research interests strongly align with the research interests of a particular faculty member, you might contact them directly even if they are not listed above, in order to discuss possible projects and funding sources.