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  • Your webspace is accessible from our Linux MiniPCs or Linux Server in the directory /www/<name>/ where <name> stands for your login name. Enter the command
    cd /www/<your-login-name>      e.g.,     cd /www/smith
    in a terminal window in order to activate the automounter. After that, your webspace is also accessible by graphical file managers.
  • You may put arbitrary files (e.g., HTML, CSS, PHP, Images, Documents) or subdirectories into your webspace. Make them world-wide readable and make subdirectories and PHP files executable, e.g.:
    chmod -R o+rx /www/smith
  • You can also transfer files to your webspace via sftp or scp to www.math.uni-leipzig.de.
  • Your index.html or index.php is then visible to the world with an URL like
  • Ask em if you need help or want to be added to this list.

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