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Mathematischen Institut
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External Access/VPN

External Access

  • An X2Go server is running on www3.math.uni-leipzig.de.
    Get your X2Go-client for Linux/Windows/MacOS here. Select XFCE as session type.
  • Several Linux servers including
    can be accessed via ssh.
  • File transfer to/from these machines is possible via scp/sftp.

VPN and WebVPN

  • VPN (virtual private network) allows you to access the internet from home via the university network. For the outside world, your computer appears as if it belongs to the university network.
    This allows, e.g., access to online journals licensed for our university network.
  • From this address you can download and install the AnyConnect Client for a full VPN solution.
  • We have our own WebVPN proxy solution here. Click and use login and password from our institute.