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Linux MiniPCs and Server

MiniPCs with Debian Linux

  • All MiniPCs run with a local Debian Linux, All user data are on a central file server. Therefore, the hardware can easily be exchanged and you will find the same desktop environment in every office.
  • You can reboot your device if necessary or switch it on/off as you like.
  • The MiniPCs have a standard phone connector socket for headphones, headsets or speaker. If sound or mic appear to be muted, the command pavucontrol may be helpful.
  • At the login screen you can select between different graphical desktop environments, including Gnome, KDE(Plasma), Mate or LXDE.

Linux server

If the computing power of a MiniPC (6-Core Intel i5-9500T processor, 16GB RAM) is not enough:
  • misun102.mathematik.uni-leipzig.de has two 16-Core Intel Xeon processors and 156 GB RAM. Log in from your MiniPC via

    ssh -X misun102
    You can also start Mathematica/Maple/Matlab directly on misun102 from your Minipc using

     ssh -X misun102 mathematica -mesa
     ssh -X misun102 xmaple
     ssh -X misun102 matlab