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Seminar on Statistical Learning and Probability/Dynamical Systems

This seminar is jointly organized by the MPI, ScaDS.AI and the Institute of Mathematics. Our aim is to invite researchers to Leipzig (in-person or online) to share their insights about various aspects of theoretical and applied statistical learning. The seminar is held every other week during term time and irregularly in the term break. Currently the seminar is organized by Andrea Agazzi (University of Pisa), Nono Saha Cyrille Merleau (ScaDS.AI), Sayan Mukherjee (Leipzig University and MPI), Katerina Papagiannouli (MPI) and Alexander Kreiss (Leipzig University).

The schedule can be found on the Website, but they will also be announced via a mailing list. Please contact one of the organizers if you would like to be added to the newsletter.